Tuesday , 25 June 2019

Venshi Tamil Girl Looking For Strong Chracter Lifer Partner

Venshi Tamil Girl Looking For Strong Chracter Lifer Partner,Tamil Girls For Friendship,Tamil Girls For Dating,

I am here to find a man with strong character and serious plans for the future! I am family oriented person. I think that wife and husband should have a lot of common. Our intimate life must be good, our leisure-time must be interesting and fun; our interests must be common. But at the same time each of us must have his own space for best friends or for being alone sometimes and things like that.A good, honest, witty, handsome, clever, intelligent, kind, smart and gentle man where are you? I am looking for you and I hope to find you here! I don’t like when a person teach another, I think that every person has her or his own brains, heads and he or she can decide what to do and how to act. So, I want to find understanding and caring man. So, I am waiting for you.

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