Wednesday , 26 June 2019

Varuna Indian Aunty Looking For Future Marriage Partner

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I’m not perfect, but there are qualities in my character that I am proud and not ashamed to say this. I accept people with their advantages and disadvantages, I sincerely appreciate all friends and therefore they are always support me. In people I value honesty and the availability of personal opinion and the ability to listen to others. I think that a good manner is the part of modern person. My friends say that I’m sociable and always ready to help. I do not love flattery and dissimulation, overly emotional behavior. I think it is necessary to forgive completely and don’t hurt person with waiting for my decision.I’m looking for good-looking man with a good sense of humor.I look forward to a man who loves children. In the nature of man I would like to see these traits: self-restraint with strangers, diplomacy, integrity, with relatives he has to be soft and gentle. A man of my dreams respects a woman and values personal space, ready to support initiatives and shares experiences and thoughts. Real man, in my opinion is not indifferent to the environment and the future generation, intelligent and has a moral quality.

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