Friday , 19 July 2019

Rushali Telugu Girl Looking For Sincere Soulmate Love Partner

Rushali Telugu Dating Girl

Rushali Telugu Girl Looking For Sincere Soulmate Love Partner

I am modest, sociable, and open-minded. I would tell that I’m adventurous, and at the same time I do not easily lose my heart. I like changes in everything except relationship, once I choose someone I hope it will last for years. I’m very active and energetic. For me it’s impossible to waste time doing nothing. I want to see, to learn and to try as many things as possible. I like sports and active games. Summer is the best time for me as I adore sea and the sun. I’m a good cook and I like experimenting with new recipes.I would like to meet a person who is kind, tender and smart. I want to meet an attentive, loving, caring and cheerful man. I want him to have a great sense of humor. I am positive, and always smiling. There is no place for complaints in my life. We can make our life better. It is my motto. I have many interests and hobbies.My man should not be a super man, or super hero from famous movie. First of all he should be caring, faithful, he should respect me, he should love me. He should be a real man in all life situations. I will be always by his side.I am a very funny and cheerful girl with a great sense of humor.I love my family and relatives very much , and respect our traditions also. My biggest dream in my life is to find my love and create a family with this person.I want my chosen one to be a man with a strong but even-tempered character, manly, light on his feet, with his inherent adventures spirit. I am looking for a serious man, a real defender for me, a man who knows what he wants in life.

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