Tuesday , 25 June 2019

Microsoft Announce To Buy Nokia Mobile Phone Making Unit

Microsoft Announce To Buy Nokia Mobile Phone Making Unit

Microsoft Mobile phone maker Nokia to buy the unit for $ 4.6 billion announced.
Microsoft announced to buy Nokia Mobile phone maker unit for $ 4.6 billion.Nokia all patents related to this business will also sell to Microsoft.
The two companies said in a joint statement that the sale will be completed in early 2014 when Nokia’s thirty-two thousand employees would move to Microsoft.
Mobile phone maker Nokia, which once was the world’s largest company of the world,now facing the challenge of  Samsung and Apple.It is necessary that Nokia share holders must approve for sale.
Microsoft chief Steve Balmr said, ‘This is a huge step towards the future and for the an improvement of  employees, shareholders and an consumers.
Microsoft, the world’s leading technology company, is also facing the problems when its traditional PC  challenged by smart phones and laptops in the market.
Critics say that the company ignored the demand emerging mobile phone and shown reaction very lately.
Microsoft presented its Tablet PC for sale last year, but its sales have been very slow.
Analysts say the company wants its mobile phone and plan priorities should be right in the market.
Consultant Frost and Sloven K Manoj Menon says, “it seems clear that the company’s main priority is to correct its plan and this is very important step from this point of view,but question is that what step they will take to correct the plan in the future.

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