Wednesday , 22 May 2019

Jaitashri Telugu Girl Looking For True Friendship Love Partner

Jaitashri Telugu Dating Girl

Jaitashri Telugu Girl Looking For True Friendship Love Partner

I am an intelligent person and I have many different interests. I am a loving and sensitive person. I like to joke. I like to communicate with different people on different topics because my work is connected with communication and it is interesting to me. I try to find something good in everybody and I try to care about and to support my close people in different situations. I am a tender and caring woman who wants to meet the man of her dreams. In my free time I like to go to the movies with my friends.I would like to meet a serious man but with a good sense of humor, who wants to love and be loved, who wants to create a happy and friendly family, and of course who wants to have children. I want to find my special man, who will totally open up my personality and complete me in everything, who will be able to give me emotional support, no matter what happens. The difference in the age does not matter to me. I want to feel safe and protected with my special man. I think that the personality of a man does not depend on his age.In my opinion, supporting each other in every sphere of life is very important whether it is something good or bad. I think boundless confidence should be on both sides. Sweethearts have to understand the importance of their relations, appreciate each other’s wishes and desires.

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