Sunday , 5 April 2020

Geshna Telugu Girl Looking For Chat Friendship Social Marriage Partner

Geshna Telugu Dating Girl

Geshna Telugu Girl Looking For Chat Friendship Social Marriage Partner

Point of no return is the moment when all the way back closed and you go only forward. For me, the very moment when all experienced left in the past and looking for the very heart of a ray of hope, the soul is ready to breathe the wind of change is so deeply and irrevocably. After a soul mate send even to the edge of the world do not not think for a moment, going day after day together and for all.We think we know what we want, what you aspire, achieve, we run through life always being late somewhere.but in fact it is only important that the presence of the person from whom every passing day is like a little life when you do not pay attention to anything but his eyes, lips, of which fly these simple but only you understand the words that reach to the very heart of your little but this unique continuation of you who have not time to test your patience, but at the same time gives a smile only when you look at this wonderful little creature because for us our child will always be a little man that we first saw and took his hands pressed to his heart.looking forward to and the person with whom I perceive all the joys of motherhood and family life.but just give me a sign and we will be together longer infinity.I am very simple and kind person. I don’t want to be the first everywhere, but the main goal of my life is to be happy and to recieve love from my beloved one. I have a huge inner world and I always know what to say to everybody.

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  1. I’m Surya and I’m reachable at 9704562440. Looking for friendship

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