Friday , 21 February 2020

Health News

Foods That are Helpful in Losing Weight Quickly

These days, in the life style, we are facing to the weight lose, and we use different method to control it, sometimes we are on dieting and sometimes by jogging, we try to loss weight.But there some foods that can help you in losing weight. Eggs are rich-protein diet and this diet is very favorable to lose weight, there is ... Read More »

New Amazing Ways To Improve Your Eyesight

Eyesight is very important among the human senses, if you want to protect your Eyesight then follow the bellow steps, your Eyesight will always remain high. 1.Healthy Diet For The Best Vision Its important to choose healthy diet for keeping the sharp vision, make sure that your diet includes healthy items.The following items are necessary for healthy eyes, as Fish, ... Read More »

Hypothyroidism May be Prevented by Changing Diet Plans

Many people in the world suffer from many hormones diseases and hypothyroidism is one of them which are not that serious and it can be avoided by changing your daily diet plan. Hypothyroidism is a disease in which patient could be able to produce more quantity of hormones. The basic sign of hypothyroidism is known when you come up with ... Read More »

Exercise Keep Your Body Fit for Healthier Life

Exercise is sometime called a daily physical practice to make our body work well. Its definitely true that every human body require exercise on daily basis to be fit and healthy all the day. However not every one are complied these things to go for exercise but they don’t know the numerous benefits they can get by exercising on daily ... Read More »

Antibiotics Golden Era Is About Come To End Once Again

Bacterial resistance to antibiotics has increased the threat and now once again it has become center of attention. British’s largest medical reseach department “The Welcome Trust’s new chairman Pro.Jeremy Ferrer says that is in fact a global issue.He said, if necessary measures are not taken, then the golden era of antibiotics can come to an end. The UK’s Chief Medical ... Read More »

Depression Can Be A Major Cause Of Paralysis Stroke

Washington:Depression can be a major cause of paralysis Stroke because paralysis is considered major cause of deaths that happen every year in America. According to a new research,men and women with symptoms of severe depression and anxiety have a higher risk of paralysis (Stroke). Dr.Maya J. who has related to the university of Pittsburgh is the led of this research.She ... Read More »