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Rojeema Nepali Girl Looking For Love Friendship And Future Sincere Partner

I am a very communicative person, and I have lots of friends. The say that I am a tender girl, They also say that I can be a soul of any company, and people respect me. What can I say about myself. I think that I am a joyful and cheerful girl. I love my family and my friends, and ... Read More »

Ashnaa Indian Girl Looking For Friendship Future Life Kind Life Partner

I am calm, steady, sociable. I easily make contact with new people, I love life, my friends and animals. I go in for sports, enjoy good books and traveling. I have a lot of sun inside, that’s why there is so bright around me. I am a dreamer, and maybe that is why good people surround me, and luck always ... Read More »

Natila Arabic Girl Looking For Sincere Friendship Social Future Marriage Partner

I am a fair, an equitable and a charitable person with huge heart and pure soul. I love outer world and believe in human’s kindness, I know that there are many great people on our planet. I like cooking, painting.I am very cheerful and kind person. I would describe myself as tender, gentle and attentive. But also I am hardworking.I ... Read More »

Jafreen Bangladeshi Girl Looking For Social Abroad True Friendship Partner

I am very sociable. I like to listen to music, go to beautiful places, traveling, spending time with interesting and extraordinary people. I am very interested in sports, doing that keeps my body in a healthy tone, but I still love sweets. At the moment, I’m a student, the economics department, I want to be a caring mother, a good ... Read More »

Kasisma Nepali Girl Looking For Sincere Future Social Marriage Partner

Have you ever met a lady who can not imagine her life without jokes and smile and can be very serious at the same time.No,Then we have never met before.This is very unique mixture that help me to achieve my goals and be myself at the same time.Yes, I am very positive and friendly girl. I try to be optimistic ... Read More »

Saesha Tamil Girl Looking For Future Social Partner Marriage Love Partner

As to my character I can say that I am strong and kind woman at the same time. I like to be those woman my man wants me to be, but sometimes I also want to have my own opinion and to do what I want and in this case my man should respect my point of view. I will ... Read More »