Monday , 18 June 2018

Shahrukh Khan Says I am Still Lack Of Confidence

Shahrukh Khan Says I am Still Lack Of Confidence

Shahrukh Khan Says I am Still Lack Of Confidence

Bollywood Famous Actor Shahrukh Khan’s recent film “Happy New Year” can be said the most expensive film of the year.

As a producer, Shahrukh Khan has invested much more money in the film.Shooting of the film has been made in the Dubai and many international special effects are included in the film and for the advertising of the film, all film team also visited Britain and America.

This is common that how advertise film and Shahrukh Khan knows it well but one thing that is difficult for him, that is direction.

Shahrukh Khan says, I have been 25 years in the film industry, but still I feel difficult direction of the film. Perhaps I can not make direction, I am lack of confidence.

Shahrukh Khan says about the director Farah Khan of the “Happy New Year” film, I have no confidence like Farah Khan, she can take shot of the film in front of 10 thousand people from distance on the Helicopter.Perhaps I can not do the same ever.

He added: ‘ I do not have a clear and decisive substance. This is something that I should learn from her. At the same time, he also said: “But sometimes this confidence is also good and sometimes bad.

About the direction, Shahrukh said, men are dominated in the field of direction, but women like Farah Khan showing perfection in this field.People love them, respect them.They indeed scream at people, but they love like a mother with all them.

Shahrukh has been the creator of many great film including “Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani”, “Ashoka” and Ra-One.

Shahrukh Khan believes that he is a better filmmaker, but he feels difficulty in the direction.

His recent film earned an estimated record-breaking on the first day and probably this film will be the most successful film of the year.

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